Department of School Education & Literacy
Ministry of Education

API Overview

School Master APIs are used to get Data of Schools. This section describes standards and formats which will be used to define API exposed by Udise system. Udise Plus APIs are implemented as RESTful Web Services.

Following HTTP methods are used across the APIs

HTTP Method
GET To fetch data from Udise Application
URL /API/getSchoolMaster/{schUdiseCode}
  • It is essential to get authenticated to make use of any API. For this, the user has to call the Authentication API and get a token. Subsequent calls to other APIs should carry this valid token. Details of the Authentication API are available under the API documentation.
  • Password and AppKey, during the authentication process, have to be encrypted using the public key, which will be provided by the Udise+ system.
  • Successful authentication also provides Session Encryption Key(SEK). Subsequent request payloads should be encrypted using this key. Responses from Udise+ system will be encrypted using this key. The payloads are encrypted using the symmetric algorithm.
  • More information on above are available in the respective API documentation in this portal.

Authentication Token Request Process

Process flow for other services