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Timely and accurate data is the basis of sound and effective planning and decision-making. Towards this end, the establishment of a well-functioning and Sustainable Educational Management Information System is of utmost importance today.

Purpose of this portal

This portal enables/provides:

  • Developers or System integrators of the Udise Plus to get APIs.
  • Registration of the users to access the APIs
    • Credentials:The portal explains how to get the credentials to access the APIs on sand-box and production environments. The credentials include client-id, client-secret, username and password.
    • OTP: Registration process involves validating the mobile number and the email address of the primary authorized signatory of the company (as registered with portal) through OTP.
  • API Documentation
    • This portal provides all the information required by the application developers related to integrating their systems with the e-Invoice system through APIs.
    • This includes the calling methods / URLs, JSON Schema of the request payloads, sample request payloads and sample responses, validations being applied etc., for each of the APIs.
    • Sample code extracts, for reference, are provided for understanding the logic and concepts.
    • Other references like the master data used in the system etc. are provided.
  • Understanding / Testing the API methods through sandbox portal. Through this portal, the developers can simulate the use of APIs, end-to-end.
    • Can understand how the request payloads can be generated.
    • Can see how the encryption and decryption of the requests and responses work.
    • Can substitute the encrypted payload generated using his/her system and check for the correctness of encryption
    • By changing the parameter values in the request payloads, developers can test the successful (valid) and unsuccessful (invalid) responses for different combination of values.
      • What will be the response if any of the credentials supplied is wrong?
      • What will be the error response when any of the mandatory parameters are missing in the payload?
      • What types of errors are displayed when the API fails?
      • What happens if the API is called without a valid token?